Bathroom Taps For Hard Water

Best 5 Bathroom Taps For Hard Water UK 2022

Maybe you want to avoid this painful process of refurbishing or installing your bathroom altogether? I feel your pain when you join the previous group. If you belong to the latter group, I’m glad you’re here because you want me to guide you in the right direction from the beginning. Welcome to my guide to choosing the best bathroom faucets for hard water. Then share the 5 best models on the market to prevent the accumulation of dirt and hard water. 

The best solution is to install a water softener and a water filtration system, but not everyone can afford the luxury. Many people also find that water softeners do not match their very hard water. Under each of my top picks, I share the pros and cons based on my thoughts and the current owner’s report. It is helpful to identify why the faucet may or may not fit your bathroom perfectly.

Best Bathroom Taps For Hard Water

The bathroom faucets I checked, Moen Sarona was the one that impressed me the most. Most plumbing experts recommend a polished chrome or matte nickel finish over oil bronze. What makes this faucet special is its “dirt-resistant” matte nickel finish. The second feature I’m looking for is the height of the faucet. The closer your body is to the sink faucet, the more likely you are to experience a splash that causes the buildup of dirt and hard water. 

1 Moen84144 SRN Salona Bathroom Faucet

  • 1 or 3 hole installation
  • Easily install yourself or a plumber
  • My dream is to use the mixer tap on the side
  • Great stain-resistant finish that actually works
  • Rustic and modern style is ideal for updating old accessories

The third feature I see shapes. Is there a very small slot to hide hard-to-reach water? There is no problem with Salona. The shape is smooth, modern, and easy to clean. To be honest, 
the finish that completely repels hard water stains doesn’t need to be wiped off here and there. Moen’s exclusive “Spot Resist Brushed Nickel” is made to withstand fingerprints and water stains. 
That’s what we want to do here. You can’t find many faucets in this price range that are of excellent quality that can last a lifetime. And for the rest of his life, Moen stands behind Sarona with its exclusive lifetime warranty.

2 Pfister LF-049-JDGS Jida Waterfall Bathroom Faucet

  • Product complies with NSF/ANSI 372
  • conforms with lead content requirements
  • Faucet mounted on sink deck or countertop
  • ensuring accessibility to all disabled persons
  • Pforever Seal—advanced ceramic disc valve technology

 If you only need to select one tap in this guide, Pfister Jida is the best choice. If you’re a fan of modern waterfall-style bathroom faucets like me, this is also for you. Like the Moen faucet mentioned above, this piece of art also has a stain-resistant system that effectively reduces or eliminates water stains. 

For those with hard water, this feature has the FEATURES that you don’t have to clean the faucet every time you use it. In addition to excellent quality, one of my favorite features about Pfister faucets is TiteSeal, which eliminates the need for putty and silicone. 
This eliminates the possibility of hard water stains that cannot be removed where the faucet hits the sink. Another important feature suitable for hard water is the ceramic disc valve,

which provides smooth and reliable operation and extends the life of the faucet. 
If you weren’t a fan of Moen Sarona’s levers, and/or have a thick backboard with less play, you’re happy to know that Pfister Jaida includes top and bottom performance openings. Finally, the faucet is almost longer to withstand splashes, and the shape of the handle is perfect for preventing water from entering hard-to-reach slits.

3 Kohler K-45102-4-BN Arteo General bathroom faucet

  • Oil general and single control models
  • Easy to clean seamless spout design
  • Polished chrome, brushed nickel, bronze,
  • Elegant matte nickel corrosion-resistant finish
  • temperature and flow control and easy installation
  • The hidden lever does not affect the aesthetic quality
  • Kohler UltraGlide valve with dry voice technology for precise

For fans of large taps with high arc spouts and rods, this is the tap for you. The high arc fluid design provides more space under the spout to prevent water from splashing on the faucet and provides extra space for washing hands. 

I really like the smooth shape of the bills. The extended faucet is better than the central faucet to prevent water from flowing around the base. The overall aesthetic appeal of this simple design is attractive enough for everyone to see. 

The winged handle feels good and fingerprints, dirt, and dirt are less noticeable. Coke is known for its excellent anti-corrosion and stain finishes designed to withstand the harshest waters. Investing in Kohler Alteo in the bathroom also gives you a lifetime warranty for Kohler.

4 THE American Standard Serine Monoblock Faucet

  • The smooth operation of butter
  • Sturdy construction, no cheap material here
  • American standard customer service is unmatched
  • Compact design with less dirt and hard water stains
  • Crane shape inspired by the minimalist artistic design of the 1950s

Among the American standard bathroom fittings available today, the Serine monoblock shower fitting is ideal for hard water… American Standard is known for producing premium plumbing at an affordable price, and the company wasn’t disappointed here. 

Serin’s single-handle design saves space, is easy to clean, and the modern design adds to the visual appeal of any bathroom. Some features you may find are adjustable limits of hot water. This limits the amount of hot water that mixes with the cold, 

ensuring that you are not burned. This is a great safety feature for children and grandchildren running through the house. When it comes to installation, nothing is as easy as American Speed’s unique “Speed-Connect” metal drain. 

The final highlight is the high-tech process of physical vapor deposition (PVD), which enhances the finish to withstand scratches, rust, and dirt. Combine it with a washerless ceramic disc valve to create a leak-free, life-long, low-maintenance faucet.

5 Delta15999-DST Haywood Crane with lever

  • Great value for the price
  • Supported by Delta’s lifetime warranty
  • Long design for spacious headroom
  • It has an elegant look that matches most bathroom decorations

This list was created with the highest quality in mind, and the Delta 15999 is a great way to close it. For fans of polished chrome, this is definitely the model for you. Delta’s diamond seal technology is the gold standard for leak prevention and maximizing faucet life. 

The polished chrome finish turns out to be easier to clean than the oiled bronze or most brush finishes. This is one of the main reasons plumbers recommend it to people who use hard water. 

There is also a “rustproof” version that does not show water stains as easily as the brushed chrome version. Mouth The height of the mouth is 10 inches, which makes it easier to lower your hands and reduces the chance of getting dirty. One of my favorite features is the socket’s sharp angle. 

This reduces the space required behind the crane. It is unlikely that you will hit this Moen 84144SRN lever. Overall, at the time of writing, this is an excellent and cheapest faucet for


1. How important is the decorative plate?

Answer: The decorative plate is not an essential part of your faucet. Removing it does not directly affect the operation of the faucet. Its purpose is purely superficial, so you can skip it if you think it will improve the look of the faucet.

2. How to choose the right faucet without sacrificing water flow and pressure?

Answer: Depending on how busy your kitchen is, you may need more water than usual. Interchangeable faucets are a great option for versatile and customizable ones so that you can comfortably navigate different types of activities.

3. Is the faucet finish an important factor to consider?

Answer: Judge the durability of the tap


You should have a better understanding of how to choose the best faucet for hard water and what you can expect from each finish. Today, the most popular finish is arguably nickel with point defense.

Most people upgrade all faucets at home to this type after first-hand experience of how better they are against dirt than standard finishes. The only thing to keep in mind is that taps with a dirt-resistant layer cost more than usual and don’t fit all your budget. 

In the finish, Polished Chrome is the safest set as it is not lost like oil bronze. Rub with bronze and oil, depending on the hardness of the water. It’s not a bad idea to test the hardness and maximum concentration of minerals in water to make tap selection even easier.

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