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Best Brass Garden Tap UK 2022

Depending on your preferences, you may position this hose end Best Brass Garden Tap wherever in the garden or on the allotment. Screw the board to a suitable piece of wood for quick site change, or secure the board to a wall, shed, fence post, or another suitable vertical surface for easy site switching and changing (see illustration). 

Locations where this product would be ideal include allotments, stables, boatyards, and construction sites. It can be used as a standard tap alone or in conjunction with multi-way manifolds/hose Y splitters to provide even more flexibility during the installation procedure.

About Darlac Brass tap

Specifications: Type of tap – this tap is Brass, G20 Capsize – 12 cm Gauge – 1/2-1/4″ Brass Garden Taps The superb choice of high-quality garden tap manufactured by the famous stainless steel manufacturer Kenro. 

These lovely garden taps feature thick walls, proper flush with a sealed style. Each tap is produced according to the standards of the Kenro manufacturing facilities and is made to perfection to order. The finished garden tap will have the correct terminations. The original garden tap range dates back to 1938 and contains over 1200 garden taps.


  •  Pole and internal diameter; 4 mm.
  • Type: brass tap Color: black Function:
  • Fits into any other type of cylindrical or flat wall/timber
  • PVC fitting Circulation of water easily by installing a clamp.


  •  Does not fit into water traps. You can either screw to a suitable piece of timber, or screw to a wall, shed fence post, or any convenient vertical surface. Only if compatible with a multi-way flush-fitting can the tap fit onto a semi-round flange pipe with a threaded fitting or bolt-on.

What Makes This Tap Different

A fully-sealed design that is protected by a spill-proof lid. Design compatible with typical Rope Watering Taps and UK-made. Sturdy quick-lock screw fitting. The Brass Garden Tap has a rigid lever action for even pressure and easy wiggling of the body and hose to correct any water flow issues.

Both taps are supplied with their own hose and threaded connection adapters. Made of high-quality stainless steel. Why we make this We wanted to develop a quick-release tap that offered a well-designed and secure latch to suit a wide range of uses. 

Most hoses are either made from cheap taper hoses or are supplied with a simple plastic attachment that must be removed each time you water. We wanted something secure and reliable, easy to use, comfortable, and in a high-quality finish.

Why should you buy it?

Conveniently spaced hose-end Brass Garden Taps are invaluable for getting hose in and out of tight areas of the garden and yard. Powerful tap control makes it easy to adjust the length of the water supply. Ideal for use in communal areas or lawns. 

Perfect for garden shops, allotment areas, and sports grounds. There is also the 2.2m version which is long enough for all sizes of hose. The tube can be left in place as normal or replaced with a free-standing plastic stand.

Our Review;

This is a simple but versatile design. You screw the tap onto any available solid pipe (probably the outer section of a standard garden tap). Set up was super easy. One thing I did notice was that when you put the tap down to make the final connection, 

you will notice a slight puff of air, this is the air that is pushed back into the handle of the Best Brass Garden Tap, as it’s sliding on the wet surface of the pipe. It’s just a little breeze, nothing annoying. The cutoff wire is fine and flexible, 

I’ve never had any problems with cutting it or getting caught up in it. The hoses are easy to fit onto the cut-off wire, and it comes with plenty of hose pipe wire to keep you going. Other Hoses This hose is not compatible with other hose systems such as Liquipel because it’s double-sided.

What We Love About the Darlac Brass

Might as well have water all the time The Darlac Brass tap is so easy to install. We can see all the reasons that people have moved away from brass taps over the years, but there is nothing that is going to make us abandon our brass taps. 

We love the brass tap because you can put the hose in it, bring it back out, and use it at the same time. The stainless steel taps that are the current darling of the DIY public are frequently a case of a bit too small and prone to scratching the inside of your taps, to the point where you cannot use them. 

The good old Darlac Brass tap fits through both the curbs of a home and a back gate. The quality of brass is up there with the best metal taps on the market, so you should expect it to stand the test of time. £15 Costly? Yes.

Things We Didn’t Like about the Darlac Brass Tap

Obviously, not everyone has the same space available to them, therefore we suggest a retrofit option. You can purchase a matching PVC/ammonia tap as an alternative. Despite the multi-purpose nature of this hose adapter, 

it is not suitable for use as a fertigation tool in a lot of situations due to the varying physical states of the fittings. It will also have a limited life cycle and will have to be regularly cleaned, particularly around the fitting. If you want to use it as a fertigation tool we recommend using a hose adapter from the same range.

What are other people saying about it?

We had this in for review before it was listed as a Best Darlac BrassTap in the UK Awards so thought it was a good time to get our honest view of this Best Brass Garden Tap and also include comments from others who have seen and used it. 

It’s a simple design but works well to give the garden tap a bit more elbow room. Our only minor criticism is that as it’s brass, it will corrode with use but other than that it’s a great tap for both indoor and outdoor use. I am looking forward to the Best Brass Garden Tap in the UK Awards, should be fun to read all the winning taps and see which one wins best of the best!

As a rule, the pump handle should be securely screwed to the Best Brass Garden Tap while the base and other fittings should be permanently fixed to the ground, or to a stable. It’s always best to ensure the rear and back supports of the tap and base are firmly fixed to the ground or stable, so that when not in use the tap can still be safely lifted. If you have any other ideas about hanging garden taps in the garden or allotment, please comment below.

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